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View all of Sentinel Property Group’s sold funds and find out more about our past properties’ internal rate of return, total cash returns and why we’re the leading property investment firm in Australia.

Sentinel Industrial Trust


116 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead QLD 4132

Internal rate of return*: 17%


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Sentinel Industrial Trust

Pinkenba Industrial

69 Tingira Street, Pinkenba QLD 4008

Day 1 distribution: 8.00% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 25.07%

Term: 4yrs 8mths


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Sentinel Regional Office Trust

Creek Street

200 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Day 1 distribution: 9.50% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 4%

Term: 4yrs 11mths


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Sentinel Income Trust

Purga Breeder Farms

867 Ipswich Boonah Road, Purga QLD 4306

Day 1 distribution: 12.00% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 13.92%

Total cash return: 1.65 per $1 unit

Term: 5yrs 4mths


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Sentinel Robina Office Trust

The Rocket

203 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina QLD 4230

Day 1 distribution: 9.50% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 10.30%

Total cash return: 1.63 per $1 unit

Term: 6yrs 3mths


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Sentinel Springwood Retail Trust

The Centre @ Springwood

1/15 Lexington Road, Underwood QLD 4119

Day 1 distribution: 11.50% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 16.95%

Total cash return: 2.18 per $1 unit

Term: 7yrs 8mths


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Sentinel Orange Homemaker Trust

Orange Homemaker Centre

168 Lone Pine Ave, Orange NSW 2800

Day 1 distribution: 10.00% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 6.07%

Total cash return: 1.42 per $1 unit

Term: 7yrs 10mths


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Sentinel Homemaker Trust No.2

Northpoint Retail

6-10 Windmill Crossing, Mackay QLD 4740

Day 1 distribution: 12.50% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 20.19%

Total cash return: 2.83 per $1 unit

Term: 8yrs 2mths


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Sentinel Homemaker Trust

City West Plaza

484 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine North VIC 3020

Day 1 distribution: 9.50% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 15.68%

Term: 4yrs 6mths


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Mackay Retail Trust

The Hub @ Greenfields & BCC – Mackay

Grandview Drive, Mackay QLD 4740

Day 1 distribution: 8.20% P.A.

Internal rate of return*: 13.64%

Total cash return: $3.07 per $1 unit

Term: 9 yrs


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Sentinel Property Group has successfully divested a number of its commercial property investment funds, highlighting our ability to fully maximise the returns we deliver to investors.

With the strong support of our investors, Sentinel has been able to buy well in ‘unloved’ commercial property sectors at the time. These sectors are now strongly back in favour among investors and property investment companies across Australia.

Half of Sentinel’s responsibility to our investors is to buy at the right time and the other half is to sell at the right time. To do this requires discipline, as it is easy to hold on to commercial property investments when they are performing well. But successful investing means taking money off the table when the opportunities arise.

Sentinel’s approach to investing in commercial property and selling assets is something else that sets us apart from other property investment companies in Australia. We are here to make money for our investors and have the discipline to sell when it is in the best interests of the investors. At Sentinel, we are not afraid to take money off the table.

We Deliver the Best Possible Returns

For anyone looking at investing in commercial property in Australia and is considering an investment in a property trust, look no further than Sentinel. We are focused on delivering the best possible returns to investors in the shortest possible time. Unlike real estate investment trust companies that focus on financial engineering, our focus is on pure property fundamentals and our investors are always at the forefront of everything that we do.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the commercial property investment in Australia, Sentinel Property Group is the respected industry leader.

We are a ‘first mover’ that is always ahead of the game and have a dedicated team of property experts that work hard to fully maximise the value of our commercial investments. As a result, Sentinel investors reap the rewards of an unrivalled combination of dependable monthly returns, special capital return payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment.

If you are interested in learning more about our property investment funds or about investing in commercial property in Australia, contact us on (07) 3733 1660.

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