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Sentinel Property Group is one of Australia’s leading commercial and industrial investment property companies. Our trusts are consistently ranked as the best performing of their kind in Australia.

Competitive Returns on Investment

We deliver wealth for our investors through the strategic purchase and management of commercial property in Australia.

Property Funds Australia: What We Offer

Sentinel delivers wealth for its investors through strategic property purchases, hands-on asset administration, and identification and realisation of a value-add potential. If you’re looking to improve your long-term financial position from an investment property fund, we are the experts to trust.

Why Choose Our Commercial Real Estate Investment Company?

Premium Service

As one of the leading property investment companies in Australia, we aim to provide investors with the best possible service and returns. For example, real estate investment fund investors are not required to pay the monthly trust management fee for a tenancy if a tenant is lost.

Proven Track Record

With wide-ranging industry networks, we provide straightforward and transparent investment opportunities. We are one of Australia’s leading commercial property investment firms, maximising investment growth opportunity while aiming to manage risk.

Specialist Team

Our internal property fund managers have specialist retail experience and skills. We carefully examine and treat each property with an ‘owner’s eye’ for optimum success. Simply put, we identify commercial real estate investment opportunities where others can’t, always selecting the right property that will pay dividends in the long run.

Regular Distributions

We aim to deliver investors with monthly distributions, net all costs and property fund management fees.

Who Can Invest

A minimum $100,000 investment in the property income fund can be made by any person who is a wholesale investor.


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Why Choose Sentinel As Your Commercial Investment Property Company?

As one the most trusted Australian property funds, Sentinel aims to deliver wealth for its commercial real estate investors through strategic property purchases, hands-on asset administration, and identification and realisation of a value-add potential.

With the costs involved already factored into your monthly income distributions, including property management fees, body corporate fees and maintenance costs, Sentinel’s property fund management is straightforward and convenient.

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Discover more about our Australian property group

As a leading property investment company, Sentinel Property Group offers a range of services to help sophisticated investors grow their wealth and secure their financial freedom. We specialise in commercial property trusts, with a track record of choosing the right properties to invest in, delivering strong returns to all of our clients. One of the primary benefits of commercial property investing with Sentinel is that we provide property investment advice to help clients make informed decisions about their commercial property investments. This advice can be particularly valuable for those who are new to property investment or who are looking to expand their portfolio.


How our investment property group saves you fees

When it comes to property investing, there are several costs to consider. These include legal fees, land tax, and capital gains tax. A Sentinel professional investment manager can help our clients navigate these costs by providing advice and support throughout the investment process. As an investment property trust, Sentinel can also help investors structure their commercial investments in a tax-efficient way to minimise the impact of these costs on their returns. Additionally, Sentinel’s rental property management services help investors maximise their rental income and ensure their properties are well-maintained. Overall, our property investment group offers a comprehensive range of services to help investors make the best commercial real estate investments now and in the long term.

As one of Australia’s leading property investment groups, we draw on our wide-ranging industry networks to enable us to provide straightforward and transparent investment opportunities for investors. Learn more about our investment strategies below.

Why Choose Property Investment In Australia?

Investing in the Australian property market, whether commercial, retail or industrial, is seen as a safe investment. However, the location and the type of property you purchase have a direct effect on the returns you receive.

Sentinel has a strong history of purchasing property that is overlooked by other real estate investment companies, turning ‘out-of-favour’ properties into stable, long-term investments that deliver both regular income and capital gains.

Our Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs) are unlisted wholesale property funds that allow property investors to invest in commercial property market assets that they could not achieve on their own. An unlisted property investment trust gives you direct property ownership instead of a share in a listed A-REIT. The diversity of investing in an Australian commercial property portfolio, such as retail and industrial, is an often-cited benefit and not without good cause. Across Australia’s capital cities and regional hubs, multi-tenant retail property investments, whether a major shopping centre or a homemaker and white goods retail centre, can provide valuable diversity in commercial property investment opportunities. As a commercial real estate investment strategy, this buying process offers multiple income sources, consistent returns, and reduced risk, ensuring that all our investors build strong, long-term financial foundations.

So, if one commercial market is in a trough, provided a suitable mix of tenants is maintained, this won’t negatively affect investment returns. These trends are also relevant to industrial investment properties, of which Sentinel has a high-calibre portfolio. Our industrial property investment funds provide stable, constant monthly returns and rental income backed up by extra capital return payments and capital growth returns. For high-income earners looking to invest in a property trust in Australia offering portfolio diversity, commercial real estate assets underpinned by secure long-term commercial leases and consistently high returns, make our commercial property group your first port of call. To know more about our wealth creation strategy and your investing options, view our Investment Strategy page. Ready to get started? Request a property investor information pack through the form below.

Minimum Investment

Number of Investors

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Years of Operation

Internal Rate of Return (Sold)*

*The IRR displayed is calculated as the average IRR for the portfolio of real property assets, bought, managed and subsequently sold by Sentinel Property Group for investors weighted for asset size and net of fees.

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