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Sentinel Property Group is an industry-leading property investment firm focused on opportunistic commercial property investments.

Industry Leading Returns on Investment

We deliver wealth for our investors through the strategic purchase and management of commercial properties within Australia.

What We Offer

Sentinel delivers wealth for its investors through strategic property purchases, hands-on asset administration, and identification and realisation of a value-add potential.

Premium Service

As one of the leading property investment companies in Australia, we provide investors with the best possible service and returns. For example, investors are not required to pay the monthly trust management fee if a tenant is lost.

Proven Track Record

With wide-ranging industry networks, we provide straightforward and transparent investment opportunities. We are the leading commercial property investment fund, maximising investment growth opportunity while controlling risk.

Specialist Team

Our internal property management division have specialist retail experience and skills. We carefully examine and treat each property with an ‘owner’s eye’ for optimum success. Simply put, we identify opportunities where others can’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentinel delivers wealth for its investors through the strategic purchase and management of opportunistic commercial properties within Australia.

Why Invest In Property?

Investing in property trusts, whether commercial, retail or industrial, is seen as a safe investment, and rightly so. However, where you buy and the type of property you purchase have a direct effect on the returns you receive on your investment.

The diversity of investing in retail is an often-cited benefit, and not without good cause. Multi-tenant retail investments, whether a major shopping centre or a homemaker and white goods retail centre, provides diversity in investment portfolios. This offers multiple income sources, consistent returns, and reduces the risks associated with relying on the financial performance of a single tenant. But the benefits to investing in a property trust through a leading property investment firm don’t end there. These investments are also advantageous in that they offer the diversity of a variety of industries, which offers further consistency and reliability.

So, if one industry is in a trough, provided that a suitable mix of tenants is maintained, this won’t negatively affect investment returns. These trends are also relevant to industrial investment properties, of which Sentinel has a high-calibre portfolio. Our industrial property investment funds provide stable, constant monthly returns backed up by extra capital return payments and capital growth returns. If you’re looking to invest in property trusts in Australia offering portfolio diversity, assets underpinned by secure long-term leases and consistently high returns, make Sentinel Property Group your first port of call.

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