Sentinel Property Group bucks talent shortages using social media

July 22, 2022

Shandel McAuliffe | HR Leader

While headlines becry candidate shortages, is it time for hiring managers to think differently about how they recruit? Is the talent there, if you know the right place to look?

The recruitment industry and internal talent acquisition experts exist for a reason: recruiting is a skill! But it’s also a changing market. What might have worked in the past may no longer bring in the candidates a hiring manager is looking for. It’s time to think laterally.

Sentinel Property Group did exactly that. When they needed to increase their headcount more than two fold (from 21 to 55), their chief experience officer, Michael Sherlock looked to his 30,000 follower-strong LinkedIn network. Mr Sherlock said: “We had usually used recruitment companies to find new staff, but I thought I would try posting job ads on LinkedIn, and it’s been amazingly well received.”

Showing that he’s also been able to draw in quality applications, Mr Sherlock added: “Not only have there been many applicants for the positions, but the quality of the candidates has been outstanding.”

In a recent podcast episode with The HR Leader, Kennedy Reid Group also explained the importance of thinking creatively about recruiting talent. This is not a market where employers can rest on their laurels and expect recruitment to be easy – if it ever has been!

Describing the opportunities Sentinel is offering candidates, Mr Sherlock stated: “Victor Alves has come to Australia from Brazil and is highly skilled with an MBA and is studying for a CFA, but he struggled to find work before joining Sentinel as an Investor Relations Assistant.”

“We have since promoted him to a position as an Economic Analyst,” he continued.

Talent acquisition and human resources manager at Sentinel, Cindy Gil, stated: “Michael showed during my interview that skills are fundamental, but the person’s personality is essential for this company, so when he told me that I was successful in the HR manager role, I felt very fortunate to be part of his team. I am grateful to have Michael as my mentor, and I am very proud to be part of Sentinel Property Group.”

Sentinel described the outcome of Mr Sherlock’s LinkedIn job posts as having an “extraordinary response”. Mr Sherlock stated: “At a time when many companies are struggling to find people, we have almost trebled the size of our team in just six months. Not only have we grown our staff by almost 300%, we have attracted people of the highest calibre, and there is a fantastic vibe in our office.”

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