$1 billion milestone

July 20, 2016

Sentinel, in turn, is very grateful for the continued support of its valued investors. With our most recently settled acquisitions in the past quarter, we have now passed the milestone of having more than $1billion in total assets under management.

Exceeding the $1billion milestone, based on the total value of our national property portfolio, is testament to the determination of the Sentinel team, with the support of our investors, in achieving what many people said could not be done. When Sentinel was established in 2010 in the wake of the GFC, there were plenty of doubters. When the so-called experts said it could not be done, they were partly right. It could not be done the old way.

We have disrupted the traditional model of raising funds by bypassing the established network of brokers and advisors. We have not paid commissions to third parties or paid for research, which allows us to pay higher returns to investors, but instead have cut out the middlemen and gone straight to the investors themselves. We deal directly with sophisticated investors who make their own decisions about their money and how they invest it, and they are our best researchers.

Our ability to raise money direct from our investors puts the onus squarely on us to ensure we always do what we say we will. The investor is at the forefront of everything that we do and we are judged on our performance each and every month. Our consistent track record of market-leading returns speaks for itself and has driven the growth of a group that now encompasses 45 assets nationally, a team of more than 70 staff, and over 600 investors.

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