Professor’s Wanderlust

March 24, 2017

Glen Norris | The Courier Mail                                 

Sentinel Property’s Michael ‘The Professor’ Sherlock has had the travel bug since he was a kid.

Now the former Brumby’s boss, who has visited 113 countries over the years, has had his passion vindicated by international travel site TripAdvisor.

Sherlock has topped TripAdvisor’s leader board as the No 1 Queensland-based reviewer after writing more than 1,400 individual reviews of international hotels, restaurants and attractions. Sherlock heard about the honour while on his most recent travels, where he took in this month’s Euroshop retail trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, alongside Sentinel Property Group pals Warren Ebert and Michael Kopittke.

On the way home, he added Israel and a handful of neighbouring countries to his tally. Sherlock, who spent four years backpacking around the world in his youth, says he spends a lot of time in airport lounges and this gives him the time to reflect and write about his experiences. His most scathing reviews have been of restaurants and hotels in Cuba. He says the place has been overrun with American tourists since the détente between the US and the communist island but tourist infrastructure remains woeful. “We went to restaurants where they did not have enough chairs or knives and forks,” he says. “You had to eat your dinner with a tea spoon. The hotel where we stayed was a fire trap.”

Sherlock, who is the marketing guru at Sentinel and an adjunct professor at Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, says his most glowing review was reserved for a boutique hotel in El Salvador. Of course, everything is luxurious compared to his backpacking days where his experiences included almost being kidnapped and shot at in Laos and being targeted by a gang boss in Thailand.

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