City Beat – Travel Goal

September 28, 2018

Globe-trotting Brisbane property titan Warren Ebert has set the bar high for his travels.

He’s already journeyed through 88 countries and now has the goal of hitting 100 by the end of next year.

To that end, Sentinel Property boss and his sidekick Michael Sherlock have just returned from an eight-day sojourn through China with a private networking group.

One of the highlights, a tour of the headquarters of tech giant Tencent, sounded like something straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.

They learned about the latest facial recognition technology, which can now detect moods and the state of your health, and found CCTV everywhere.

The gents also came across countless examples of trademark ripoffs as they passed through Shenzen and Shanghai.

Knock-off Apple shops on the main tourist drags were justified by guides as simply good for tourism.

Ebert also discovered bogus Penfolds Bin 407 wine rebadged as Pinfund Ben 407,” complete with references to WA.

He even found some of the dodgy drop in one of those little bottles you get in the hotel room bar fridge.

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