What is an unlisted property trust?

Sentinel Property Group is consistently ranked as having the best performing Australian unlisted property trusts. We build wealth for investors in our market-leading property trusts through direct commercial property ownership, hands-on asset management and dependable monthly returns.
Professionally managed unlisted property trusts are an alternative way to invest in property. Unlisted direct property investment gives you true ownership in a property trust instead of a share in a listed Australian real estate investment trust (A-REIT).

Unlike listed property funds, investors buy units in a trust holding investment property or properties, which are managed by a professional property investment manager specialising in commercial property fund management, such as Sentinel Property Group.

After more than 20 years of high-level experience in the property industry, commercial property leader and Sentinel Property Group founder Warren Ebert established Sentinel as an unlisted commercial property fund manager. We have since entrenched our standing as the leading player in Australian unlisted property trusts courtesy of our unrivalled record of outstanding performance built on the consistent delivery of dependable monthly returns to our investors.

Sentinel’s wealth property trusts allow anyone looking to invest in commercial property to enjoy the benefits of direct commercial property investment. We build wealth for our investors by facilitating direct property ownership in our growing national portfolio of commercial property investments in the retail, commercial office and industrial sectors.

Sentinel is an unlisted property fund, Australia-wide, building a national portfolio of high performing investments in the following commercial property sectors: retail, industrial, commercial office, land, tourism infrastructure, and agribusiness.

Unlisted Property Funds Australia: Big opportunities for individual investors

Australian unlisted property trusts are a great way to invest and gain exposure to large commercial assets (such as shopping centres and industrial property) that individual investors could not achieve on their own. An unlisted property trust allows investors to pool money into property funds to buy large commercial property assets that they couldn’t buy on their own.

Unlike residential property investment, the size and scale of these assets, along with the high-quality tenant covenants and solid-long term rental returns, would not be accessible to individual property investors on their own without pooling funds into a property trust.

Sentinel’s property trust investments are spread across a range of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed companies who are tenants in our secure commercial property assets that produce steady, regular rental income and also present strategic potential for future value-adding.

For your assurances that the unlisted property fund you invest in delivers returns in line with your expectations, the expert Sentinel team regularly and thoroughly examines our diversified portfolio of commercial investment property assets. As part of this process, our team will quickly identify and address any issues that arise in regards to our commercial property investments.

As one of Australia’s best performing unlisted property funds, Sentinel’s team of experienced and hands-on property experts have outstanding track records in providing sound advice for our commercial property investors and delivering superior investment returns. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require a commercial property investment guide to help you get started with an investment in one of our unlisted property investment funds.

Sentinel: the unlisted property trust Australia can count on

The point of difference that sets Sentinel apart in listed property trusts performance is that our proven model is based on pure property fundamentals, not financial engineering. Commercial property is often underrated as an investment class, but not by those who enjoy its strong, consistent investment returns.

Investors in Sentinel’s unlisted trusts (where investors pool funds to buy large assets such as shopping centres, bulky goods and homemaker centres and industrial property) receive dependable monthly returns paid from rental income from our properties.

These distributions are paid monthly to investors purely from rental income on investments, with the majority of tenants in the ASX 200. These dependable monthly returns are just like a wage for investors and are further supplemented by special capital return payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment.

Sentinel assists investors who are interested in unlisted property funds in Australia. We help facilitate this kind of investment by offering our expert market advice and skills and acting as a responsible entity to ensure the investing process is as successful as possible for all parties involved.

As Australia’s leading commercial property investment company, Sentinel’s team of experienced and hands-on property experts have outstanding track records in providing sound advice for our commercial property investors and delivering superior investment returns.

Return on investment is paramount

At Sentinel Property Group, our investors’ money is important to us. We don’t want you to waste it on an investment firm that will not achieve the results you desire. Finding an unlisted wholesale property fund that will guarantee return on investment can be rare.

Sentinel’s unlisted property trusts have been regularly ranked as the best performing trust of their kind in Australia and we believe that these funds are the absolute best for investors.

It is important that an investor is familiar with unlisted property trusts before they decide whether or not to start investing in one. At Sentinel, our experts can address any concerns you may have, offering a comprehensive product disclosure statement. We also encourage you to familiarise yourself with Australian unlisted property funds by watching our video collection

It is imperative that investors have some familiarity with our methods before choosing us for commercial property investing, and these free, informative videos are designed to educate people on what they need to know about Sentinel.

With a wealth of satisfied investors who continue to invest with us, we are the best choice for unlisted commercial real estate funds in Australia. When investing with us, you will receive a positive cash flow and a plethora of other benefits.

Reliable and experienced team

At Sentinel Property Group, we have a strong, experienced and skilled team who are specifically searching for commercial properties that meet strict criteria in order to help our investors build wealth. For example, we particularly look for three key advantages to a sound property investment: income revenue, capital growth, and tax advantages.

Find commercial properties that fit your desired investment style with Sentinel’s unlisted real estate investment trusts by speaking with a property investment expert today. Call (07) 3733 1660 to register your interest.

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