What are SMSF property investments?

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is one of Australia’s fastest growing, most popular and successful investment options, as it allows investors to take full control of their own investment choices. It allows investors to have independence and flexibility to drive their own investment decisions, capital return, growth strategies and performance.

As a leading investment firm with an unrivalled track record of positive investment performance, Sentinel Property Group offers a range of services including catering specifically for Self Managed Super Funds property investment.

Sentinel investors receive dependable monthly returns paid purely from rental income from its properties. As well as these monthly returns, Sentinel investors also receive special capital return payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment. This is a highly attractive and sought-after combination for anyone looking at investing super in property.

The whole point of Self Managed Super Fund property investment is to have greater control over your own investment growth strategies. It is therefore important for investors to thoroughly research all the different options available, and make sure that their chosen investments deliver more than the widely accepted mediocre returns that far too many investors are too readily accepting as ‘the norm’.


Understated but promises great returns

Commercial property investment is one of the least well known, understood and most understated of all investment options, particularly when compared to residential real estate and share market investment. However, commercial property investment has been shown to consistently outperform all other investment vehicles and Sentinel Property Group is renowned as the industry leader in this field.

Sentinel allows anyone investigating the option of investing superannuation in property to enjoy the benefits of direct commercial property investment. Investors have the opportunity for direct commercial property ownership, rather than a share in a listed Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (AREIT). Sentinel builds wealth for SMSF investors by facilitating direct commercial property ownership in its growing national portfolio of commercial property investments in the retail, commercial office and industrial sectors.


The advantages of SMSF property investment

One of the biggest benefits of SMSF investment is that you can use it to directly invest in property, including commercial property. Investing in property through SMSF is an excellent way of achieving your desired investment property goals while increasing retirement savings with positive long-term returns and capital growth.

The tax advantages of property investment through SMSF are also attractive in that the maximum tax you will have to pay for rental income is 15%, and if your SMSF is provided in the pension phase, you will not have to pay the tax at all.

Other advantages and benefits of a SMSF commercial property investment include:

  • Gaining a degree of control of your investments and superannuation that is only available through a super fund investment property
  • Buying and renting back your SMSF commercial property investment
  • Accomplishing diversity within your SMSF

When using a Self Managed Super Fund to buy property, the investment goals of regular returns, future capital growth, and tax minimisation should always be top of mind for investors. Maximising returns and growth should be the main focus of property investment through SMSF.

Through Sentinel, SMSF commercial property investors can enjoy direct investment in a range of high quality commercial properties, which will deliver dependable monthly returns, additional capital returns, capital growth, and best of all you don’t have to manage the property yourself.


Investing with Sentinel

Thinking about joining the growing number of people buying property through SMSF? Sentinel Property Group is here to help you become successful in expertly using your SMSF for buying property. Sentinel takes the stress out of managing your investment choices.

Investments with Sentinel are spread across a wide range of ASX-listed companies who are tenants in our secure commercial property assets. Sentinel also provides a wide range of flexible and diversified investment structures for using a SMSF to buy property, so that your investments are in different stand-alone baskets with different covenants.

Sentinel ticks all the boxes for SMSF property investment. You are in control to choose to invest on the appeal of individual tenants, properties and locations and also the fundamentals of the businesses that underpin these properties. Sentinel intensively manages all aspects of its commercial real estate investments through its attention to detail, accountability, honesty, opportunistic and owner’s eye.

Our opportunistic buying strategy, value-adding expertise and active hands-on management delivers an unrivalled combination of dependable monthly returns to SMSF investors as well as additional capital returns payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment. When searching for properties, we look for features that provide significant revenue, growth and advantageous taxes to benefit investors.

There are many benefits of using your SMSF when investing in property. With this, however, also comes compliance with regulations. As experts in the industry, we can assist you with this process and ensure your meet the necessary requirements, making the process smooth and simple.

If you are considering a property investment through your SMSF, seek the advice of industry experts. Sentinel Property Group will provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to invest with confidence, as well as ensuring you receive maximum returns.

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