What is a property syndicate in Australia?

Property syndicates have been popular for many years with investors searching for ways to build their commercial real estate portfolio.

A commercial property syndicate is a direct form of property investment where a property investor with limited capital has the opportunity to invest in industrial, commercial or retail properties with a group of other people who are looking to do the same. Commercial property syndicates allow investors to pool money into property funds to buy large assets such as retail centres, industrial facilities or office buildings that they couldn’t buy on their own.

Sentinel Property Group assists investors who are interested in property syndicates in Australia and we help facilitate this kind of investment by not only offering our expert market knowledge, advice and skills, but also by acting as a responsible entity to ensure the process is as effective, efficient and successful as possible for all parties involved.

Sentinel’s dedicated team of property experts ensures our commercial property investment syndicates invest in high-quality commercial properties with strong returns, solid tenants, long-term leases and excellent potential for future capital growth.

Our proven investment strategy when it comes to investing in real estate syndicates entails the opportunistic buying of commercial property assets — essentially we buy commercial property that others don’t want or don’t see the inherent value in, and then do whatever it takes to maximise returns for our investors.

Always ahead of the game

Sentinel Property Group allows investors in our commercial property syndicates to enjoy the benefits of direct commercial property investing made easy with superior returns. Capitalising on more than 20 years of high-level experience of Sentinel Property Group founder and commercial property leader Warren Ebert, we have achieved our success by being a ‘first mover’ that is always ahead of the game.

We are always looking to buy in sectors that are out of favour with the majority, including other commercial property investment trusts.

Sentinel has a built a national portfolio of high performing property investments in the following commercial property sectors:

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Office
  • Land
  • Tourism infrastructure
  • Agribusiness

Sentinel is continually seeking to capitalise on new commercial real estate investment opportunities that have not yet been fully identified by others. When investing in real estate, getting the timing of the investment right is critical to success and Sentinel has always been focused on being ahead of the game in securing our assets. To identify new investment opportunities, we are constantly looking at new properties, including new asset classes and styles of investment.

Sentinel’s ability to buy at the right time, add value and then sell at the right time has underpinned our continued success and the unmatched returns we consistently deliver to investors in our market-leading commercial property syndicates.

Why invest in property syndicates in Australia?

Sentinel caters for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and sophisticated investors by enabling them to pool their money in an unlisted wholesale property fund which invests in large commercial property assets such as retail shopping centres, commercial offices and industrial buildings.

The size and scale of these assets, and the high-quality tenant covenants and solid-long term rental returns on offer, would not be accessible to individual property investors on their own without pooling funds into a commercial property syndicate. Sentinel’s investments are spread across a wide range of ASX-listed companies who are tenants in our secure commercial property assets.

So, who’s investing in real estate syndicates with Sentinel? Our diverse range of investors includes many property professionals, senior accountants and solicitors, senior executives, sportspeople, high net worth individuals, SMSFs and some larger institutions.

Sentinel provides unrivalled returns to sophisticated investors who are looking to invest in commercial property. To deliver wealth to these investors, we provide high performing property syndicates that ensure long-lasting success for all parties involved.

As a leading property investment firm with REIT funds across a broad range of sectors, Sentinel’s professional team of experts work to ensure your investment is worthwhile. We use proven techniques to make sure our properties produce desirable revenue, which range from identifying the potential in properties to a proactive, hands-on approach in all aspects of property management.

A trusted name in property investment

If you are an investor interested in Australian property syndicates, then don’t look past Sentinel Property Group. With a focus on the commercial property market in Australia, Sentinel is a trusted name when it comes to investing in real estate syndicates and will work closely with you to ensure we achieve the best return on your investment.

Well-managed property syndicates provide attractive opportunities for investors to pool their money and invest in solid income-producing commercial property assets. Investing in a real estate investment syndicate is a great way to invest in large assets (such as shopping centres, bulky goods/homemaker centres and industrial facilities) that individual investors could not achieve on their own.

Property syndicates in Australia are a simple yet highly effective way to invest in commercial property and Sentinel is the leader in this field with an outstanding track record of performance and consistent delivery of dependable monthly returns to our valued commercial property syndicate investors.

Sentinel has a driving focus on pure property fundamentals and we are well-known for our relentless pursuit of excellence in surpassing the expectations of our investors. Our property fund investors receive dependable monthly returns paid purely from rental income from the properties in each fund. As well as these monthly returns, another factor that has made investing in a real estate investment syndicate with Sentinel so popular among Australians is that investors also receive special capital return payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment.

Our focus is on delivering high returns to our investors

Hands-on active management of the assets in our property syndicates is also a major focus, and every week the Sentinel team works on ways to add value to the properties and maximise the performance of our portfolio and, in turn, the industry-leading returns delivered to our investors.

When it comes to managing a selection of Australian commercial property units, assembled specifically for commercial real estate investments, Sentinel consistently outperforms all other Australian commercial property investment vehicles. When weighing up the pros and cons of commercial property for investment, Sentinel is the industry leader in Australia — we make investing in real estate syndicates simple and profitable for Australian investors.

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