How does commercial property investment work?

Sentinel Property Group is an industry leader and highly trusted name with an unrivalled track record of performance in commercial property investment in Australia.

Sentinel provides the opportunity for sophisticated high net worth investors and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) to receive superior commercial property returns from direct investment in commercial real estate. We provide trusted commercial property investment advice and build wealth for our investors through direct property ownership, diversification, hands-on asset management and dependable monthly returns.

Capitalising on more than 20 years of high-level experience of Sentinel Property Group founder and property leader Warren Ebert, we built our success on being a ‘first mover’ that is ahead of the game. We are always looking to buy in sectors that are out of favour with the majority, including other commercial property investment trusts.

Sentinel has a built a national portfolio of high performing property investments in the following property sectors:

  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Land
  • Tourism infrastructure
  • Agribusiness

As the leading investment property group in the country with a range of unlisted real estate funds that deliver strong returns to investors, Sentinel is continually seeking to capitalise on new investment opportunities that have not yet been fully identified by others.

Our ability to buy at the right time, add value and then sell at the right time has underpinned our success and the unmatched returns we consistently deliver to our valued investors.

The investor is at the forefront of everything that we do at Sentinel. We have a core focus on pure property fundamentals, rather than financial engineering, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in surpassing the expectations of our investors. Sentinel is a word-of-mouth business and we know the most powerful referrals come from our own happy investors.

Helping clients to invest in commercial real estate

Sentinel Property Group allows commercial investors to enjoy the benefits of direct property investing made easy with superior returns. Commercial property can sometimes be an underrated investment, but when done properly it provides an unrivalled combination of direct ownership, diversification and enviable returns.

Sentinel provides investors with the opportunity for direct property ownership, rather than a share in a listed Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT). There is rising recognition of commercial property as Australia’s best performing asset class due to the superior returns and greater stability than that provided by residential property or shares.

Buying commercial property in Australia through an unlisted wholesale property fund has proven to be a financially rewarding decision, with investors describing these investments as their most valuable assets. When you use commercial properties as an investment, you will be provided with security and stable income, especially when there are currency fluctuations and erratic changes in residential real estate and the share market.

Sentinel provides unrivalled returns to sophisticated investors and SMSFs who are looking to invest. By investing in a Sentinel commercial real estate trust, investors receive dependable monthly returns paid purely from the rental income our properties generate. As well as these monthly returns, Sentinel investors also receive additional special capital return payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment.

For anyone considering commercial property as an investment, Sentinel has the track record of performance and personalised service and attention to detail to meet your needs. Sentinel works directly with sophisticated investors who understand the industry and make their own decisions about their money and how they invest it.

When it comes to managing a selection of Australian commercial property units, Sentinel consistently outperforms all other Australian commercial property investment vehicles. When weighing up the pros and cons of commercial investing, Sentinel is the industry leader in Australia.

The expert Sentinel team regularly and thoroughly examines our complete portfolio of investment property assets. As part of this process, we will quickly identify and address any issues that arise in regards to all our property investments.

As Australia’s leading commercial property investment company, Sentinel’s team of experienced and hands-on property experts have outstanding track records in providing sound advice for our investors and delivering superior investment returns.

Sentinel attributes its success in property investment to:

  • Opportunistically and selectively buying commercial real estate in Australia
  • Working properties hard to ensure optimal commercial property returns
  • Ensuring the property you are investing in is financed at a competitive rate
  • Buying and selling real estate investments at attractive prices
  • An overriding commitment to building one of the highest quality property investment funds, driving maximum returns and capital growth.

Return on Investment Redefined

At Sentinel Property Group, our expert team will help you get your desired Return on Investment (ROI) when investing in property in Australia.

Sentinel can identify both on and off-market opportunities with investors, and has specific knowledge of how Australia’s property investment opportunities can meet your real estate requirements. Our professional and investor-first approach to our property funds can generate a strong mix of income revenue, capital growth and tax benefits. Along with our solid networks, we can offer different investment in real estate opportunities than our competitors. We aim to maximise the growth of your commercial property investment while still controlling potential property risks.

We intensively manage all aspects of our investments through attention to detail, accountability, honesty, opportunistic and owner’s eye. Our opportunistic buying strategy, value-adding expertise, and active hands-on management delivers an unrivalled combination of dependable monthly returns as well as additional capital returns payments on revaluations and capital growth returns on divestment.

Property investing can be a rewarding choice, if the right industrial, retail or commercial property investment trusts are chosen. Sentinel’s hard working, intelligent and professional team ensure that when you invest with us, you’ll receive maximum returns.

We guarantee that at all times our processes will meet your needs and align with your strategy. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the best commercial properties, investment property or commercial mortgages, or would like information on how to start investing in commercial real estate, contact us on (07) 3733 1660.

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