Tow Plan Supported

February 4, 2021

THE days are numbered for illegal parkers at CasCom Centre business park in Casuarina. 

You’ll find your car gone and facing the prospect of retrieval costs if you overstay your parking welcome.

A new program to tow away illegally parked vehicles at the CasCom Centre business park has been introduced by the centre’s owner Sentinel Property Group.

Tenant HK Training and Consultancy said it fully supported the move by the complex owner Sentinel, with general manager Toni Cork saying HK did a lot of outreach and before the strong carpark measures came into place it was hard to find a carpark when they came back to the office. 

“We often have to park over near the library, which was difficult for clients who has low mobility and not ideal when it was wet,” she said. “The new measures have stopped people who don’t work or visit the CasCom Centre from using the carpark, which really opened it ip for tenants and clients. For this I’m 100 per cent supportive.”

Sentinel executive chairman Warren Ebert said the move was to protect tenants, their staff and customers at the business park to ensure they were able to access their premises. 

Mr Ebert said Sentinel management will order vehicles to be towed away at the owner’s expense if they are parked in a space they are not authorised to be parked in, or they exceed the time limit in a space designated for free parking. 

He said Sentinel has obtained advice and the move complies with all requirements for the lawful towing of illegally parked vehicles on private property in the Northern Territory. 

Gary Shipway, Sunday Territorian


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