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October 26, 2022

Glen Norris | Courier Mail City Beat

Michael “The Professor” Sherlock has a hidden passion. The Sentinel Property Group executive has revealed to City Beat that he spent a large part of his youth spending his pocket money on Beatles records and memorabilia.

Now The Professor has kindly decided to donate his entire collection to the Sentinel office where staff can enjoy All My Loving and Let It Be all day long.

Sherlock’s extensive collection from the era known as Beatlemania includes a book on the Fab Four’s first movie A Hard Day’s Night and also a ticket and a program from their 1964 concert at Melbourne’s Festival Hall, which his older sister attended

“I’ve managed to hang on to it all over the years, but I thought it would be worthwhile putting the collection on display in a cultural experience for our staff,” Sherlock says. “I’ve got a collection of Beatles records from 1963 to their final releases in 1970 plus other collectables. I’ve had it all framed up and they are now hanging in the Sentinel office.”

Sherlock says Sentinel’s staff range from baby boomers like chief executive Warren Ebert and himself to Generation Z. “But one thing in common is that just about everybody loves The Beatles,” he says.


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