Down and Dirty

November 16, 2016

Speaking of property, we hear Brisbane bizoid Warren Ebert got filthy in China recently.

The Sentinel Property Group captain and nine of his top guns hiked down in the caves to swim in volcanic mud pools meant to have restorative powers. It was all part of a five-day odyssey through the rather obscure Dragon River region in Yangzhou, which is famous for its limestone mountains. The team also tried their hand at the ancient art of sending trained cormorant birds to catch fish, as well as a spot of mountain climbing and white water rafting. After-hours they took in an outdoor opera with more than 1000 performers, the same outfit Ebert saw at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Ebert spearheads a couple of trips each year to less touristy parts of the world. Next up is a remote part of Japan.

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